Cross Browser Support for

Flash Plugin and HTML5 Video Tag

Major browsers including Chrome, Safari, and now Firefox are de-emphasizing Flash in favor of HTML5. Most browsers will not use Flash without the user updating their Flash plugin install on a regular basis, or allowing Flash to run for a particular page or site.

BROWSER Click to play FLASH plugin VIDEO tag
Chrome for Desktop *
Chrome for Android -
Safari for iOS -
Firefox for Desktop *
Internet Explorer for Desktop
Stock Browser for Android -
Safari for Desktop *
Opera for Desktop
Microsoft Edge for Desktop *

* Chrome Flash Plugin defaults to HTML5. See our blog post on The Deprecation of Flash for more information.
* Firefox for Desktop supports only the latest Flash plugin release for security purposes. Users are prompted to update manually every month.
* Microsoft Edge for Desktop does not support the Flash plugin in "metro" mode.
* Safari for Desktop defaults to HTML5.