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The core functionality of the JW Player SDK for iOS (player customization, captions, analytics, etc.) is powered by our core HTML5 JW Player. This allows you to customize your Objective C and Swift apps with the same CSS skins as your JW Player for web and JW Player SDK for Android apps and ensures that your iOS apps stay up to date with the latest JW Player features and fixes.

Under the hood, we use Apple's native AVPlayer and device codecs for video decoding and playback, and we surface the JW Player iOS SDK's developer-facing APIs as Objective C classes, giving you the performance of a fully native SDK.

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360° Video Playback with the JW Player VR SDK

Build immersive 360° spherical video experiences for your branded iOS mobile apps on phones and VR headsets. Our SDKs are compatible with Google Cardboard & Daydream VR headsets and offer 4K resolution, gyroscope motion support, monoscopic & stereoscopic support, adaptive bitrate streaming, and a customizable UI/UX.

Release Notes

New features, updates, bug fixes, and known issues for iOS SDK releases.

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About the iOS SDK

The JW Player SDK for iOS is a media player for Apple's mobile operating system. Add custom video functionality to any iOS app with our native methods and classes for Objective C and Swift developers.

All you need to get started is a JW Player account. Feature support and hosting & streaming volume vary based on license type.

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