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Last Updated: June 12, 2019

The Analytics API allows you to query various data sets relating to the performance of your media items, players, and advertising ad breaks. Responses can be returned in .csv or .json file formats that can be ingested by a data warehouse or analytics solution.

Data availability

Earliest available data 2017-01-01
Reporting time zone US - Eastern (UTC -4 / UTC -5)
Data refresh rate Updated approximately every 30 minutes.
Rate limit 60 requests/minute per API token or IP

The number of remaining requests that can be made to the Analytics API is returned in the response header of each query.
Page length Default: 10 rows per page
Maximum: 100 rows per page
Queries Enterprise or Developer license
• Group by up to two dimensions
• Apply up to five metrics
• Apply up to ten filters

Other licenses
• Group by only one dimension
• Apply up to five metrics
• Apply only one filter
Query date range limit Enterprise or Developer license
92-day window (queries that include at least one premium* metric or dimension)
No limit (queries that do not include any premium* metrics or dimensions)

Other licenses
No limit

* Premium metrics and dimensions are denoted with an asterisk (*) or a cross (☨)

Get the required items

The Analytics API requires the items in the following table.

Item Description
Property Key and Secret Unique property identifier

  1. From your JW Player dashbord, click the gear next to your name > API Credentials.
  2. In the JW Platform API Credentials section, click SHOW CREDENTIALS next to a property name.
  3. Copy the Key. If you plan to use the enriched-videos.php query tool, you will also need to copy the Secret.
Reporting Secret Unique user reporting credential

  1. From your JW Player dashbord, click the gear next to your name > API Credentials.
  2. In the JW Reporting API Credentials section, click SHOW CREDENTIALS in the row of the relevant API key name.

    NOTE: If no API key names exist, type a new API key name, select a permission level, and click ADD NEW API KEY. Your account must have the Admin permission to create a new API key.
  3. Copy the Secret.
Enterprise or Developer license (Optional) Account plan that enables access to additional dimensions, enriched metadata, and metrics

Upgrade to an Enterprise or Developer license if you would like to access this additional data.

Getting started

You have retrieved your property key and reporting secret, and you have reviewed the Data Available table. You can now run a report.

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