We evaluated programmatic usage of the /advertising/ API class and determined that it was not being used. As we are in the process of migrating this functionality to /v2/ of the management API, this class is now deprecated and MUST NOT be used. If you have a use case for programmatic advertising manipulation outside of the JW Player Dashboard please contact support.

Create a new adbreak.


schedule_key : string

Schedule key adbreak should belong to.

name (optional) : string

Adbreak name.

offset : string

Position of the adbreak in the schedule:


Adbreak position is at the beginning of the video.


Adbreak position is at the end of the video.


Adbreak position in seconds. (e.g. 300)

fractional seconds

Adbreak position in fractional seconds (e.g. 12.345).


Adbreak position in procent of the entire video (e.g. 25%).


Adbreak position as timecode value (hh:mm:ss.mmm).


Adbreak offset must be unique in the schedule.

skipoffset (optional) : unsigned integer

Offset in seconds for ad skipping. Ad cannot be skipped if set to an empty string. Default is an empty string.

adbreak_type (optional) : string

Adbreak type:


Linear break (stop video playback while fetching and rendering the ad).


Nonlinear break (do not stop playback while fetching and rendering the ad; e.g. populate a companion div).

Default is linear.

adtag_keys : string

A comma separated list of ordered adtag_keys. Ad tag waterfalling will attempt to get fill for the ad tags as ordered in this list.

Example response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <adbreak key="pL4cgwcM" />

Response parameters

/response/status : string

Call execution status. Set to ok if call executed successfully.

//adbreak/@key : string

Key of the created adbreak.