Show information for a video from the channel. This endpoint only applies to manual and dynamic channels


The response from this call will not reflect the behavior of dynamic channels ordered by views. Views is a legacy system metric that has been deprecated since 2016-07-01. Channels ordered by views return results based on 30 day play count.


channel_key : string

Key of the channel to which the video belongs.

video_key (optional) : string

Key of the video which information to show.

position (optional) : unsigned integer

Position in the channel for which video information to show.


One of the parameters video_key or position MUST be provided, not both.

Example response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <video key="yYul4DRz">
    <author>JW Platform</author>
      <param1>value 1</param1>
      <param2>value 2</param2>
    <description>New video</description>
    <tags>new, video</tags>
    <title>New test video</title>

Response parameters

/response/status : string

Call execution status. Set to ok if call executed successfully.

//video/@key : string

Video key.

//video/author : string

Author of the video.

//video/custom/param1 : string

User defined parameter.

//video/date : signed integer

Video publish date. Specifies UTC date and time (in Unix timestamp format) when the video will be available for streaming.

//video/description : string

Description of the video.

//video/duration : float

Duration of the video in seconds.

//video/link : string

The URL of the web page where this video is published.

//video/md5 : string

MD5 hash of the original file.

//video/mediatype : string

Content media type:


Media type is audio.


Media type is video.

//video/tags : string

Tags of the video.

//video/title : string

Title of the video.

//video/views : unsigned integer

DEPRECATED Total video views since video has been created.


Views is a legacy system metric that has been deprecated since 2016-07-01. The value returned here is not an accurate representation of video views or plays.