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HLSV4 Audio Tracks

This demo shows built in HLSV4 Audio Track functionality.

License: All
Player Version:
Author: JW Player | GitHub

HLSV4 Audio Tracks are useful for director's commentary, multiple language support, or different audio perspectives. Smaller file sizes, alternate audio qualities, and toggle with visual interface or API are all supported.

<script type="text/javascript">

	"file": "",
	"title": "Wowza - Elephants Dream",            
	"hlslabels": {
        "331": "Lowest",
        "688": "Low",
        "1427": "Medium",
        "2962": "High"
Please Note: This player implementation is a Proof of Concept only provided to show the possibilities of the JW Player and Platform and should not be taken as an offer to create, edit or maintain custom integration or development.