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Embed contextually relevant videos with Article Matching

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

Article Matching allows you to embed contextually relevant videos from your library into your articles. By making an addition to the playlist property, this feature provides you the following benefits:

  • An automated solution to embed contextually relevant videos into your articles with no additional editorial resources
  • Increased reach and monetization opportunities for your videos with minimal editorial involvement
  • Articles paired with a playlist of the most relevant videos from your hosted or registered videos
  • Potential for increased video engagement
You must be using either cloud-hosted or self-hosted JW Player 8.5.6+.

Use the following steps to implement Article Matching:

  1. Create an Article Matching playlist in your JW Player dashboard.
  2. On the DEVELOPER RESOURCES tab of the Article Matching playlist, copy the JSON URL.
  3. (Optional) Add parameters from the /v2/playlist/{playlist_id} route to the JSON URL to refine results.

    NOTE: The search=__CONTEXTUAL__ query must not be changed. This enables Article Matching and populates the Opengraph or HTML title at runtime.
  4. Add the JSON URL to the playlist object of a player that is in your article or template.

For example:

  "playlist": "",
  "height": 360,
  "width": 640,
  "autostart": "viewable"

Be sure to read these FAQs for more information about Article Matching.