Download a recording of a Live Event

Download a recording after a Live Event ends

Immediately after the Live Event ends, JW Player imports and transcodes the Live Event recording (master asset). The time to import and transcode the master asset is proportional to the duration of the live event. Once the preparation of the master asset has completed, the master can be downloaded directly from your account.

You can use the following steps to download the master asset with the Platform Management API v2.



As an alternative to using the Platform Management API v2, you can download a past event from your JW Player dashboard.


  1. Check the status of the master asset.

The API call returns a response that includes the master_access.status: available.

    "master_access": {
        "expiration": "2021-01-29T17:50:48+00:00",
        "status": "available"
    "master_expiration": "2021-01-29T17:50:48+00:00",
    "type": "event"

  1. If the previous call returns master_access.status: unavailable, request that the master asset be made available. Otherwise, skip to step 3.


This PUT call only has to be made once every 24 hours. After sending this request, periodically check the status of the master until it becomes available.

You can configure a "Media Available" webhook or a "Media Available" Zap to notify you when the recording is ready to be streamed or downloaded.

  1. Once the master asset is available, download the master asset.

The API call returns the URL for the master file.

    "master_url": ""

You can now share the video with your viewers.

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