Use your own Prebid instance with JW Player and GAM

For Google Ad Manager setups, connect JW Player to an existing Prebid implementation to access video demand from non-partners.


If you manage your line items in Google Ad Manager (GAM), use the following steps to integrate JW Player with an existing Video Prebid implementation:

  1. Add the JW Player library to the <head> of your page.
  2. In a text editor, follow the steps to create the advertising object for setting up PB for GAM mediation. Be sure to set "tag": "DFP_TAG".
  3. Copy and paste the following code to your page.
// Your line-item configured DFP tag.
const DFP_TAG = '{dfp_ad_tag}';

// Timeout in case Prebid.js doesn't load.
const FAILSAFE_TIMEOUT = 3_000; // 3s.

// Set-up Prebid on the page.
const pbjs = window.pbjs = window.pbjs || {};
pbjs.que = pbjs.que || [];
pbjs.que.push(() => {
        debug: true
const pbjsLoaded = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    setTimeout(reject, FAILSAFE_TIMEOUT);

// Callback which performs Prebid.js header bidding.
function performAsyncBidding(player, item, index) {
    const videoAdUnit = {
        code: `video-${index}`,
        mediaTypes: {
            video: {
                playerSize: [
                    // Dimensions might not be final while player is setting up.
                    player.getWidth() || 640,
                    player.getHeight() || 360
                context: 'instream'
        bids: [{
            // Existing non-partner bidder settings
    return new Promise(resolve => {
        pbjs.requestBids({ bidsBackHandler: resolve });
    }).then(() => {
        // Make sure you are using Prebid.js with the DFP Video module.
        return pbjs.adServers.dfp.buildVideoUrl({
            adUnit: videoAdUnit,
            url: DFP_TAG

// Set-up JW Player.
const player = jwplayer('player').setup({
    "playlist": "{playlist_url or video_url}",
    "advertising": {
        "client": "googima",
        "tag": DFP_TAG,
        "bids": {
            "settings": {
                "mediationLayerAdServer": "dfp"
            "bidders:" [
                /* JW Player Player Bidding SSP partner configuration */
player.setPlaylistItemCallback((item, index) => {
    return pbjsLoaded // Wait until Prebid.js is loaded.
        .then(() => performAsyncBidding(player, item, index)) // External bidding.
        .then(tag => {
            // Update the playlist item.
            return Object.assign({}, item, {
                adschedule: [{
                    offset: 'pre'
        }).catch(() => item); // If bidding fails, use unmodified playlist item.

  1. In the code you pasted in the previous step, replace {dfp_ad_tag} with your ad tag.
  2. Replace {playlist_url or video_url} with the URL of a playlist or video.
  3. Replace the advertising object with the advertising object in your text editor from step 2.



Combining with Player Bidding: If you have an existing Prebid implementation and some of your ad partners are not integrated with Player Bidding, you can still use this implementation with a JW Player instance configured to use Player Bidding.

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