WEB FAQ: Are there playlist properties that must be included when using JW Boost?

Yes. The following properties must be included for all playlist items: jwpseg, playlist[].jwpseg, playlist[].jwpseg_client_side.


When you have enabled JW Boost for your sites, JW Player passes video-specific signals into your playlists that help make premium advertising dollars available to you. If you programmatically choose specific playlist item properties returned from the API response to GET /v2/media/ or GET /v2/playlists, you may jeopardize the performance of JW Boost.


To avoid negatively impacting JW Boost performance, be sure to retain the following objects as part of your programmatic property selection.

  • jwpseg
  • playlist[].jwpseg
  • playlist[].jwpseg_client_side

The following code sample is a JSON response that includes these three objects.


JW Boost properties highlighted in a playlist JSON.

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