Create an ad tag waterfall

Increase revenue generating opportunities in your iOS app with an array of ad tags.

Creating an ad tag waterfall helps you to maximize ad revenue by attempting to show a valid ad to your viewers during an ad break. When you create an ad tag waterfall, you assign an array of ad tags to a single ad break. The player displays the ad of the first tag that returns a valid response.

Use the following steps to create an ad tag waterfall:

  1. Define the ad break offset. In the following example, the ad break is a pre-roll ad break.
  2. Pass an array of ad tags to JWAdBreakBuilder(). If the ad tags are valid, JWAdBreakBuilder() builds a JWAdBreak object.
  3. Follow the remaining steps to set up an ad break with VAST or Google IMA ads.
let adBreak = try? JWAdBreakBuilder()
JWError *error;
JWAdBreakBuilder *builder = [[JWAdBreakBuilder alloc] init];
[builder tags: @[[NSURL URLWithString:@"ad-tag-url-1.xml"],
                 [NSURL URLWithString:@"ad-tag-url-2.xml"],
                 [NSURL URLWithString:@"ad-tag-url-3.xml"]]];
JWAdOffset *offset = [JWAdOffset preroll];
[builder offset: offset];
JWAdBreak *adBreak = [builder buildAndReturnError:&error];

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