Manage your library with the Management API


You can now use the Platform Management API v2 to manage your library and content. We encourage all customers to use the v2 API.

The Platform Management API enables you to manage all aspects of your library. If you need to create a player for a specific use case, upload content programmatically, or manage the security of your content, you can use the Platform Management API to complete these tasks.

In 2021, JW Player released Platform Management API v2 (v2). In addition to the capabilities of Platform Management API v1 (v1), v2 includes the following improvements:

  • API key management
  • Granular access control
  • RESTful API design practices
  • Ease of use


If you are not a developer or prefer a simpler implementation, you can use one of JW Player's client libraries.

Getting started

Use the following articles to learn how to construct and execute API calls.

As an alternative, you can use one of the JW Player client libraries or plugins.

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