Manage your library with the API

The JW Platform Management API at provides a set of classes for managing all aspects of your library.

The Platform Management API features a straightforward authentication mechanism and multiple output formats. This reference describes in detail how our API works and which classes and assets are available.


To ensure fair access for all, usage of the JW Platform Management API ( is limited to 60 calls per minute for most routes. The /videos/list route is limited to 30 calls per minute. Calls that exceed this rate will result in a 429 Rate Limit Exceeded error and will not be executed. If you need a higher API rate, please contact us to get your account upgraded. Note that calls to the Delivery API ( do not count towards the API rate limit.

Client libraries and plugins for the Management API

JW Player provides the following client libraries and plugins to help you to quickly incorporate products, features, and functionality into your existing workflow. These tools reduce the amount of code you need to write and simplify authorization and authentication.


To use any of the client libraries or plugins listed on this page, you need the items listed in the following table.

Item Notes
JW Player license Follow these steps if you work for a company that has a JW Player license:

1. Request an account from your company admin.
2. Follow the instructions in the welcome email.

Follow these steps if you are an independent developer who needs a license:

A badge that displays 'Get your free developer license'

1. Go to our Developer sign-up page.
2. Enter your email address at the top of the page.
3. Click Start for free.
4. Follow the instructions in the welcome email.
Property Key and Secret 1. From your API Credentials page, scroll down to the Property Name section.
2. Click SHOW CREDENTIALS to reveal the Key and Secret for a property.
3. Copy the Key and Secret.

If you have more than one property in your account, be sure to click SHOW CREDENTIALS for the property you want to query. Each property has a unique set of credentials.

Treat your credentials like a password. However, if your credentials do become compromised Submit a Support Case or contact your JW Player representative.

Client libraries

A badge that displays 'Go' and the Go logo   A badge that displays 'Java' and the Java logo   A badge that displays 'Node.js' and the Node.js logo   A badge that displays 'PHP' and the PHP logo   A badge that displays 'Python' and the Python logo   A badge that displays 'Ruby' and the Ruby logo

go get -u
Add this dependency to your project's POM:

npm install jwplatform --save
composer require jwplayer/jwplatform
pip install jwplatform
gem install jwplayer-api-client


The Ruby client library is a community-maintained library. Be sure to thoroughly test this library in a development or staging environment before deploying it within a production environment.


Without having to manually add code to your WordPress pages, the JW Player for WordPress (VIP or Premium) plugin enables you to create a video experience for your viewers with a cloud-hosted or self-hosted HTML5 player.


Management API Class Structure

  • /videos/ The video classes define methods for uploading, editing and listing videos, thumbnails and tags.

Management API v1 Syntax and Upload Formats

Detailed documentation of the v1 syntax and upload formats can be found in the following articles.

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Manage your library with the API

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