Uploading content with V1

Choose an approach to add your content to your JW Player account.


Please use the v2 Management API to upload your content.

The v1 Management API will be deprecated in 2023. Learn more about the v2 Management API benefits and migration steps here.

JW Player provides several approaches that you can use to add your content to your JW Player account: dashboard, AWS S3, resumable, and fetch. For more information about supported upload content formats and other prerequisites, see Preparing videos for upload.

The following table lists and describes each of these approaches. To help you quickly upload your content, each approach uses our client libraries as a foundation. Any uploaded file must have a minimum duration of 2 seconds.



To ensure fair access for all, usage of the JW Platform Management API (api.jwplatform.com) is limited to 60 calls per minute per property for most routes. The /videos/list route is limited to 30 calls per minute per property. Calls that exceed this rate will result in a 429 Rate Limit Exceeded error and will not be executed.

If your implementation exceeds these rate limits, contact our Support team. Our Support team can evaluate your implementation and provide options to address your requirements.

For monitoring transcoding progress, we strongly recommend using our Webhooks instead of polling calls to the API. Polling calls count against the rate limit and excessive calls can result in Rate Limit Exceeded errors on your uploads.

Dashboard• Requires no coding necessary
• Permits content uploaded via dashboard UI
• Permits usage of MRSS feeds, URLs, and direct uploads
• Best for quickly adding a video to your library
(Recommended for ≤ 5GB)
• Uses Amazon's S3 Transfer Acceleration technology
• Uses geographically closest S3 servers
• Best for uploading files that are 5GB or less
• Reduces video upload times
(Recommended for > 5GB)
• Enables parallelized, multipart uploads
• Resumes upload after a network interruption
• Best for files that are 5-25GB
URL Fetch
Single video
Multiple videos
• Enables retrieving videos from a URL
• Accommodates files up to 25GB

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