Return list of videos in a manual or dynamic playlist


limit number(unsigned integer) Maximum number of videos that should be return. As specified in the result_limit request parameter.
offset number(unsigned integer) Number of videos that should be skipped at the beginning of the result set. As specified in the result_offset request parameter.
rate_limit objectNumber of requests that can be made to a route per minute per property

Only 60 calls per minute per property can be made.

See: rate_limit object
status stringCall execution status

Set to ok if the call executed successfully.
total nubmer(unsigned integer) Total number of videos available.
videos array of objectsProperties of videos

See: videos object


limit numberTotal number of requests that can be made to this route before the reset time
remaining numberNumber of remaining requests that can be made to this route before the reset time
reset numberUnix timestamp identifying when the rate limit renews


author stringAuthor of the video
custom objectProperty consisting of a user-defined parameter and a user-defined key
date number(signed integer) Video publish date. Specifies UTC date and time (in Unix timestamp format) when the video will be available for streaming.
description stringDescription of the video
duration number(float) Duration of the video in seconds
key stringVideo key
link stringThe URL of the web page where this video is published
md5 stringMD5 hash of the original file
mediatype stringContent media type:

unknown: Media type is unknown.
audio: Media type is audio.
video: Media type is video.
tags stringTags of the video
title stringTitle of the video
views string
Total video views since video has been created.

WARNING: This property is a legacy system metric that has been deprecated since 2016-07-01. The value returned here is not an accurate representation of video views or plays.