List available video players


limit numberMaximum number of player items that should be returned

This is determined by the value specified in the result_limit request parameter.
offset numberNumber of players that should be skipped at the beginning of the result set

This is determined by the value specified in the result_offset request parameter.
players objectArray of all players within the property

See: players object below
status stringCall execution status

This is set to success if call executes successfully.
total numberTotal number of players within the property


aspectratio stringIndicates player aspect ratio
custom objectCustom key-value pairs
key stringKey of the video player
ltas_channel stringLegacy value no longer used
name stringName of the video player
playlist stringPlaylist position

Possible values include:
  • bottom: Playlist is below the video player
  • none: There is no associated playlist
  • over: Playlist is above the video player
  • right: Playlist is to the right of the video player
release_channel stringIndicates the JW Player release channel

Possible values include:
  • beta: Beta release channel
  • production: Production release channel
responsive booleanIndicates whether the player uses responsive design settings
skin objectSkin of the player

See: object below
version stringPlayer version
views numberLegacy value no longer used

key stringKey of the player skin
name stringName of the player skin
type stringPlayer skin type

Possible values include:
  • built-in: Skin is a system built-in skin.
  •user-defined: Skin is a user-defined skin.