Create a new video object

JW Player provides several approaches that you can use to add your content to your JW Player account: AWS S3, resumable, and fetch. Our uploading content article explains each option and provides links to code examples that can simplify your work.


link objectValues used to create the upload URL

See: link object
media objectProperties of the uploaded media

See: media object
rate_limit objectNumber of requests that can be made to a route per minute per property

Only 60 calls per minute per property can be made.

See: rate_limit object
status stringCall execution status

Set to ok if the call executed successfully.


address stringAddress part of the upload URL
path stringPath part of the upload URL
protocol stringProtocol part of the upload URL

Although the response returns http, https can and should be used when constructing the upload URL.
query objectObject containing a combination of the following upload parameters:

AWSAccessKeyId: (string) AWS access key used to sign upload URL

Expires: (string) UTC date and time (in Unix timestamp format) when signature expires

key: (string) Upload key query parameter

Signature: (string) Upload URL signature

token: (string) Upload token query parameter


key stringKey of the created video
type stringSchema of the created media

This is typically video.


limit numberTotal number of requests that can be made to this route before the reset time
remaining numberNumber of remaining requests that can be made to this route before the reset time
reset numberUnix timestamp identifying when the rate limit renews