JW Player SDK for Android

The JW Player SDK for Android is a media player for the Android Operating System that supports Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH), Smooth Streaming, WebM and MP4 playback. The SDK has video specific methods / classes to aid developers in creating custom video applications for Android mobile devices.

The SDK package includes a demo application to demonstrate functionality to non-developers.

Source code for a simple sample application to help you get started is available on GitHub.

Supported Features

JW Player for Android supports the following features:

  1. HLS, DASH, SS, WebM and MP4 playback.
  2. Attribute to provide a poster image in the player (local image file or URL).
  3. Fullscreen video playback.
  4. API to monitor player state, buffering, seeking, errors, etc.
  5. API to monitor and set video and audio qualities.
  6. VAST Advertising.
  7. VMAP Advertising.
  8. Player user interface customization using CSS skinning.

Intended Audience

This guide assumes that you have the necessary Java and Android development skills to work successfully with the JW Player for Android. You should know how to build and compile Android applications using Android Studio and the latest tools from the Android Developers Kit.