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Localization Overview

The JW Player SDK for Android supports localizing error strings and setting the language in the IMA SDK.

Localized Error Messages

The following default error messages can be overridden by defining string resources in your application's strings.xml file.

String ID Description
jw_error_unrecognized_input_format_exception Displayed when the content URL doesn't point to video, or is being redirected to a WiFi portal or proxy.
jw_error_decoder_initialization_exception Displayed when the device does not have a hardware decoder that can decode the video content.
jw_error_io_exception Displayed when any IO exception occurs - e.g. interrupted stream, failed to read local file.
jw_error_illegal_argument_exception Displayed when an illegal argument is passed to ExoPlayer.
jw_error_invalid_response_code_exception Displayed when an HTTP request recieves an unsupported response code - e.g. 500, 404.
jw_error_http_data_source_exception Displayed when ExoPlayer fails to fetch a segment of content - e.g. attempting to buffer while offline.
jw_error_cast_media_format_unsupported Displayed when casting is attempted with an unsupported media type.
jw_error_cast_loading_failed Displayed when loading fails during casting.
jw_error_cast_loading_failed_with_status_code Displayed when loading failed during casting and a status code is available.
jw_error_cast_loading_failed_no_connection Displayed when connecting to Chromecast fails


To localize the language used during IMA ads:

    ImaSdkSettings imaSdkSettings = new ImaSdkSettings();
    // Use the 2-letter ISO 639-1 language code for your desired language 
    ImaAdvertising imaAdvertising = new ImaAdvertising(schedule, imaSdkSettings);