Last Updated: March 14, 2019

The JW Player SDK for iOS (JW Player SDK) is built upon the native iOS player framework, AVFoundation. This allows you to create a custom video experience that accesses the speed and performance of the native OS in conjunction with JW Player features.

  • Customize the player to match your in-app branding
  • Configure player behaviors to support your app experience
  • Add curated playlists
  • Stream encrypted live feeds
  • Incorporate advertising

Apps built with the JW Player SDK integrate with video hosting, streaming, and analytics services. These services allow you to incorporate a video experience, monetize your app, and discover ways to increase viewer engagement. You can also use the JW Player SDK with video content that is hosted with non-JW Player services.


JW Player SDK for iOS requires the following:

  • JW Player Enterprise or Developer license
  • iOS version 9.0+

Getting started

To add the iOS SDK to your app, start by downloading the SDK.

By adding the JW Player SDK to your app, you acknowledge that you have the necessary development skills to build advanced iOS applications and agree to the JW Player Terms of Service.