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JW Player SDK for iOS

Last Updated: August 23, 2019

About the SDK

The JW Player SDK for iOS is built upon the native iOS player framework, AVFoundation. Apps built with this SDK integrate with video hosting, streaming, and analytics services. These services allow you to incorporate a video experience, monetize your app, and discover ways to increase viewer engagement. You can also use this SDK with video content that is hosted with non-JW Player services.

Key features

  • HLS, SmoothStreaming, and MP4 playback
  • Rich configuration options including playlists, content title and poster image
  • Fullscreen video playback
  • Full-featured API to monitor player, playlist, playback, and content state
  • API to monitor and set video and audio qualities.
  • VAST, VMAP, and VPAID advertising
  • FreeWheel and Google IMA advertising support
  • API design that enables native control creation and can be applied to Android and web player implementations
  • Casting
  • Caption support
  • Analytics



Plugin support

Each version of this SDK has been built to work with a specific plugin version. Use the following table to ensure that you are referencing the correct plugin version in your app.

JW Player iOS SDK FreeWheel SDK Google Cast SDK Google IMA SDK
3.0.0 3.3.0 3.3.1
3.1.x 3.3.0 3.3.1
3.2.x 3.3.0 3.3.1
3.3.0 4.3.5 3.3.1
3.4.0 4.3.5 3.8.1
3.5.x 4.3.5 3.8.1
3.6.0 4.3.5 3.8.1


This developer guide provides best practice approaches for implementing this SDK. We also provide comprehensive documentation for each class in our SDK reference.

Intended audience

This guide assumes that you have the necessary iOS and Objective-C or Swift development skills to work successfully with this SDK for iOS. You should know how to write and build iOS applications using Xcode and the latest Apple developer tools.

Terms of service

By adding the JW Player SDK for iOS to your app, you agree to the JW Player Terms of Service.