JW Platform API Reference

Using the API, developers can build any functionality offered by JW Platform into their own website, service or application and programmatically manage their content library and cloud hosted players. The API features a straightforward authentication mechanism and multiple output formats (PHP, JSON, XML, Python). The management endpoints are grouped into classes and the available content can be requested through a standard URL scheme. This reference describes in detail how our API works and which classes and assets are available.


To ensure fair access for all, usage of api.jwplatform.com is limited to 60 calls per minute. Calls that exceed this rate will result in a 429 Rate Limit Exceeded error and will not be executed. If you need a higher API rate, please contact us to get your account upgraded. Note that calls to content.jwplatform.com do not count towards the API rate limit.

Getting Started

For easy integration with JW Platform, we offer API Kits and other tools to interact with JW Platform programmatically.

JW Player Provided API Kits and Tools

Community Maintained Tools

If you maintain a JW Platform integration tool, please email devrelations@jwplayer.com to let us know!

Using the JW Platform Content Service for Embedding on Your Site

The content service at content.jwplatform.com offers endpoints from which you can request content and players configured in JW Platform. These endpoints are the correct mechanism for making high volume calls from your webpage or application and are optimized for quick responses. Requests to the content service can be protected with URL Token Signing or New URL Token Signing with JWT.

  • Players provides access to single line embeddable cloud-hosted players with media included in the embed.
  • Feeds provides access to playlists configured on JW Platform.
  • The Data-Driven Feeds endpoint provides access to data-driven feeds and trending playlists.
  • Manifests provides access to adaptive bitrate streaming manifests for videos hosted with JW Platform.
  • Videos provides access to individual video transcodes hosted with JW Platform.
  • Thumbs provides access to video poster images.
  • Previews provides access to a simple webpage for previewing a player and content.

Managing Your Library with the JW Platform API

The JW Platform API at api.jwplatform.com provides a set of classes for managing all aspects of your account. The sections below provide details on how asset management API calls are structured and mechanisms for uploading content to the platform.


The video classes define methods for uploading, editing and listing videos, thumbnails, tags and statistics. For high volume read-only calls for information on one or more videos, the content.jwplatform.com/feeds/ URL described above is the preferred endpoint.

Channels (a.k.a. Playlists)

The channels classes define methods for creating, manipulating and listing video playlists, playlist thumbnails and playlist statistics. For high volume read-only calls for information on one or more videos, the content.jwplatform.com/feeds/ URL described above is the preferred endpoint.


The players classes define methods for creating, designing and listing video players and player statistics.


The advertising classes define methods for creating and managing advertising schedules and advertising tags.


The accounts classes define methods for creating and managing accounts, usage statistics, transcoding templates and player skins.