Manifests are documents describing collections of media files used for adaptive bitrate streaming. They come in two varieties .m3u8 Manifests used for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and .mpd used for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH). These manifests can be provided to JW Player as a source.


Manifests are requested with the unique key of the video. The extension of the manifest depends upon the adaptive streaming mechanism used. HLS (.m3u8) manifests are generated for all videos and are available as soon as the video’s status is ready. DASH (.mpd) manifests are only available once the VP9 DASH conversion’s status is ready. The creation of DASH conversions requires a special account entitlement. Please contact us to get your account upgraded.

Here’s an example manifest, in each format:



The key is an 8 character code (e.g. MTh1894i ) that uniquely identifies the video. You can request the video_key through the /videos/ API Class. Alternatively, the Media ID field from the video details pages in the Dashboard contains the same value.


The extension is the file extension of the manifest. Use m3u8 for HLS and mpd for DASH.