Last Updated: June 26, 2019

JW Player's advertising features help you to monetize your content with video ads while keeping your viewers engaged. JW Player supports standard ad types (VAST, VPAID, VMAP), accommodates third-party technologies (Google IMA SDK, FreeWheel SDK), and supports any ad server that returns the previously-mentioned ad types. You can customize your viewers' ad experiences with ad rules, ad breaks, and localized player messaging.

Get the required items

To begin running advertising through your JW Player, you need the items in the following table.

Item Description
An embedded JW Player A JW Player with content

If you have not already, add a player to your activity.
An ad tag URL of the ad tag for VAST and IMA plugins, or a string placeholder for FreeWheel

The ad tag should be an active tag generated from an advertising platform in a supported ad format.

With the items in the table, you can start to monetize your content.

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